On 15th of November 1991, Crop production support fund, of Ministry of Food and Agriculture, was established with 100 employees as wheat stock saving company.

The title has changed several times as:

- on 30th May 1997, Khutul branch of Agricultural department following the decree No.139 from Mongolian Government

- on 23rd of June, 2005, as Khutul branch of Crop Production Support Fund, following the decree No.139 of Mongolian Government.

The branch has an elevator that annually, capable to receive and store 36 thousand tons of wheat and equipped with laboratory, service shop. Administration building, 3.4km long sub-railway, 2.5km long highway, sub-electricity station, 250 tons fuels station, auto-weight and flour mill capable to produce 15 tons of flour per day.

The elevator has up-to-date technological equipment such as receiving line that able to load 175 tons per hour, cleaner that capable to clean 100 ton wheat, and 32 ton wheat dryer.

Khutul branch, of CPSF, is working direction is to receive, store and produce what and seed from agricultural organizations and individuals and receive- sell supporting wheat and seed from foreign countries.

In particular, the branch provided 8’839.79 ton of wheat to 198 organizations and individuals from 4 provinces. And received 25’120.12 ton of wheat and seed from 166 organizations and individuals. We, successfully, received, 5’658.98 ton of import wheat from Russian federation without any delay.

On the report, by the end of 2016, asset value: MNT 1’721’666’012.84, turnover asset value: MNT 173’866’068.03 and has total 22 employees from budgeted 24: 19 contracted and 3 seasonally contracted employees.

The location is on first group, Saikhan Soum, Selenge Province, and distance is 260km from Ulaanbaatar city, 65km from Darkhan city and 120km way from Erdenet city. Infrastructure is well-developed and connected by railway and highway with Ulaanbaatar, Darkhan cities and Sukhbaatar province. Also, the branchwas connected to central energy system with 24hrs power.

Lead members and directors of Khutul branch, Crop production support fund:

  1. 1991-1994 J.Bat-Erdene
  2. 1994-1996 M.Erdene
  3. 1996-1997 Ts.Amarzaya
  4. 1997-1999 L.Erdenee
  5. 1999-2000 D.Jargalsaikhan
  6. 2000-2005 P.Enkhjargal
  7. 2005-2008 Ch.Gantulga
  8. 2008-2015 B.Sodnomtsog
  9. 2015-2016 L.Anar-Erdene
  10. 2016 to present U.Dambiisuren

Deputies and managers:

  1. 1993-1997 R.Tumurtogtokh
  2. 2006-2009 Ch.Batmunkh
  3. 2009-2010 G.Oyuntuya
  4. 2016 to present B.Otgonbaatar

General accountants:

  1. 1991-1994 Kh.Oyunchimeg
  2. 1994-2000 Ch.Tserennadmid
  3. 2000-2009 T.Narangerel
  4. 2009 to present G.Bolormaa


  1. 1991-1994 M.Erdenee
  2. 1994-1998 S.Sanjdorj
  3. 1998-2010 L.Lkhagva
  4. 2010 to present J.Nyamsuren

Leaders of laboratory

  1. 1991-2006 J.Erdenegerel
  2. 2006-2009 D.Altannavch
  3. 2009 to present B.Mungunshagai

Masters of service shop

  1. 1991-2000 Ts.Gantsetseg
  2. 2000-2010 J.Nyamsuren
  3. 2010 to present J.Davaakhurel