Department of Production and equipment sales

The service shop and gas storage ownership was changed into Crop development Support Fund in Ministry of Food and Agriculture from Altan Dornod LLC by decree No:555, dated on October 10th, 2013. The service shop operation has started in 2002 as main service shop for mining equipment of Altan dornod LLC. Now, the service shop is operating as to provide, store, service the agricultural equipment and parts for agricultural organizations and individuals.
The gas storage is one of the biggest one in Mongolia and in top 5 in Ulaanbaatar, with fully equipped with new technology. The gas storage has 5 units of 1000m3, 2 units of 700m3 automatic pipes system with steel tanks. The gas storage was built between 2004-2006 with following related regulations and standards. Petroleum products park has 10 steel tanks with capacity: 50m3, and 75m3. The gas storage has 23x28m2 yard and all above equipment were connected into central electrical and heating system. The railway trestle length is 84m and able to pipe from 6 units of tanks and wagons with 80m3 capacity.